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A ‘Fruity Pebble Shrimp Po’Boi’? Fair food company bringing several wild food creations to Frontier Days

An image of Fun Biz Concessions' "Fruity Pebble Shrimp Po'Boi" that'll be on offer at Cheyenne Frontier Days this year. The Texas-based company is serving up some unique culinary options for the Daddy of 'em All later this month. (Courtesy of Fun Biz Concessions)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The sights and sounds of Cheyenne Frontier Days bring in thousands across the world, and a critical part of that atmosphere is the food on offer.

But beyond the pancake breakfasts and chuckwagon dinners, a fair food company plans to bring some especially wacky fare to the Daddy of ’em All later this month.

Fun Biz Concessions, a Texas-based culinary business that sets up shop at fairs and celebrations all across America, said Thursday morning that it was returning for Frontier Days after being at last summer’s rodeo.

Some of the options that it’ll offer, however, are particularly unique.

There’s the “Fruity Pebble Shrimp Po’Boi” that, yes, includes the sugary cereal within the sandwich; there’s the “Chicken Donut Sandwich” that’s exactly what it sounds like: fried chicken between two glazed donuts; and then there are the comparably tamer options of fried pickles and Oreos, cucumber mint lemonade and “The Smokestack” — a seasoned waffle hash brown loaded with pulled pork, elote, cheese, sauce, and more.

Dieters beware of what’s to come at the Fun Biz building, but at least wallets won’t suffer too much at the establishment: founder Nate Janousek said in a news release that he would not be raising prices on his food from last year despite rising inflation and overall increased costs in and around the business.

“Everything is going up. Prices are going up. But we’re not raising our prices at all this year,” Janousek said. “You’re not going to want to miss the food since it’s all quality. Real meat; real dairy in our ice cream. There’s nothing phony that you get elsewhere.”

In addition to the wild culinary selections on offer, the release noted that all of Fun Biz’s meat used at Frontier Days will come from local farms and sources in Wyoming and Colorado, giving local businesses a boost during Cheyenne’s peak time for tourists.

And with prior stops at other popular festivals such as the State Fair of Texas and the Los Angeles County Fair, it seems as if Fun Biz has a system in place that’s worked wonders — even if some of the food items can lead to double-takes.

“We sell a never-frozen, fresh ground hamburger patty,” Janousek said. “Wherever I go, I find someone to bring meat locally to the fair. That’s what makes our company different. We only serve you the food we’d serve our own family, that I’d feed my own kids.”