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CRMC offers new guidance for employees who wear scrubs in public


CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Cheyenne Regional Medical Center sent out a media release to update the public on why some of their employees are wearing scrubs in public places.

“We recognize that our employees wearing scrubs at stores may cause anxiety and we would like to reassure you. We have asked all of our employees not to do this,” the statement from CRMC said.

The statement went on to say that there are some exceptions where medical personnel may still be required to wear scrubs in public venues.

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“We have Home Health Care CNAs who are shopping for the elderly who cannot shop for themselves. These CNAs take care of these elderly patients in their homes rather than at a medical facility. This is a very important job,” CRMC said.

Hospital officials say that beginning next week (the week of April 6), employees who still need to wearing their scrubs will be wearing buttons to help other shoppers recognize that they are working while they are shopping and are not our employees who work at the hospital or urgent cares in town.

“Our Home Health Care employees must continue to wear scrubs so they are recognized by their elderly clients. We appreciate your concern and we thank you for understanding,” CRMC said.