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‘Dare to Dream’ statue unveiling set for today

Still image of YouTube video detailing the inspiration behind the “Dare to Dream” statute. (Chris Navarro YouTube)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. _ The unveiling of the Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne’s new bronze monumental sculpture, generously donated by Tom & Dixie Roberts is set to happen later today.

This interactive piece, titled Dare to Dream Big, was created by Chris Navarro, a Wyoming artist best known for his large monumental bronze sculptures depicting wildlife, Western, and inspirational themes. Standing in front of the Club, the sculpture will encourage members to always chase their goals and dreams.

“Dare to Dream Big, is a sculpture I designed for the young at heart. It tells the story of a cat sitting on books with the title of The Power of Belief. The cat looking into a mirror sees his reflection as a lion. It is all about being creative, thinking big, having imagination and the power of belief.” Chris Navarro

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This event will include light refreshments, presentations from Club members, and an afternoon dedicated to the power of believing in yourself!
The unveiling will take place at 3 pm today, Friday, July 31st at the Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne located at 515 West Jefferson Road in Cheyenne. Masks are required, and we will be honoring social distancing guidelines.

For more information on the “Dare to Dream” exhibit please watch the following YouTube video: