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Climb Wyoming helps mothers gain independence and stability for themselves and their families


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Climb Wyoming is helping all mothers, no matter where they are in life. 

Climb Wyoming is a nonprofit helping low-income single mothers gain financial independence through job training and placements.

One of these mothers helped over the years is Heather. She is a 2015 graduate of Climb’s Commercial Driving program. 

Before coming to Climb, Heather said, “At 24, I’d just gotten out of prison having absolutely no self-worth. Doing drugs, stealing just to make a living.”

When she turned to Climb, she got started as a driver for 4 Quarters Excavation in Cheyenne. She has received several promotions during her time with the company and is now an estimator and project manager. 

Since gaining a steady career, Heather said her life has completely changed. She has been able to buy a house, own a vehicle, and have the resources needed to help her autistic son. 

“My son has just blossomed since I have this stable job. He is such a bright, intelligent, busy boy. I have the highest hopes for him,” Heather said.