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Cheyenne City Council considers liquor licenses, annexations

(Cheyenne City Council/Screenshot)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Following public hearings on May 9, Cheyenne City Council will make decisions on two liquor license requests in an upcoming meeting.

One is for a bar and grill license for Billy Jack’s Pizza, which is working to open in the Cheyenne Airport.

“I happened to be in the terminal the other day, and [Billy Jack’s staff] were kind enough to basically take me on a tour of the place and I’m excited about it. … It’s — obviously in my own opinion — going to be a nice addition and something we’ve sorely needed in the airport,” Ward II councilmember Bryan Cook said.


Billy Jack’s may drop the bar and grill liquor license application if the airport applies for an airport liquor license, city staff said. That license would cover Billy Jack’s through an agreement with the airport, Ward I councilmember Scott Roybal was told in answer to his question.

The second license request is for Blue Raven Brewery, which applied for a microbrewery license. Blue Raven is taking over Danielmark’s Brewing Co., set to close May 16. 

A company representative told the council that recipes will stay the same, although the business name is changing.


The liquor license requests will be up for council consideration during its next meeting May 23.

The council also reviewed several annexations May 9. These include an area of 2600 Missile Drive, Saddle Ridge and a portion of the S1/2 of Section 27, located west of I-25, north of High Plains Road.

The council also approved, following their third readings, changing the zoning classification of AR Agricultural Residential to Harmony Valley Planned Unit Development, prohibiting electric fences in the city, and amending a portion of the city code regarding obstructing parking.


In addition to the liquor license requests May 23, the council will hear input on the 15th Street Corridor Renewal Plan and Project.