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Cheyenne Budget: Multiple increases, changes to budgets for police, fire departments


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The City of Cheyenne’s Police Administration is asking City Council for a fiscal year 2023 budget increase of $206,395, with the Fire Administration asking for $366,489 more.

The budget requests from police and fire were the council’s focus for the last workshop in a two-week process to review the city’s proposed $59 million budget for fiscal year 2023. As proposed, the budget is balanced at $59,636,705, up more than $5.7 million over the current fiscal year budget. The city operates on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year.

Last week, after an overview of the budget, meetings took place to discuss the budget for such offices as the Mayor’s office, Treasurer’s Office, City Attorneys Office, and more. This week began with a discussion of the Animal Shelter and Downtown Development Authority budgets, Engineering Division and Planning Development, Public Works, and Recreation and Events.


The Cheyenne Police Department presented its proposed budget first, with administration asking for a $206,395 increase to more than $3.94 million for the year. Of the increase, $14,000 is to cover the expenses for additional staff training in accordance with best practices and to reduce liability to the city, officials said.

For the Police Patrol division, there was another proposed increase of $719,727, up to more than $11.57 million, primarily for the overtime budget. 

A new addition to the department’s budget is for parking, for which the department seeks to budget $292,338. This was part of the Police Administration budget before this fiscal year. 


The fire department’s administration line item would be raised $366,489, to $871,353, with $6,880 going to payroll. The department also seeks to hire an administrative assistant, who will have a $48,000 annual salary plus benefits, officials said.

The Fire Support line item is another addition to the Fire Department budget. The department is requesting $364,253.

For fire training, which has been combined with fire support, there is no budget proposed. The combination takes effect in the next fiscal year.  


Also increased, though, is the budget request for fire prevention. The increase of $137,804 is primarily for payroll, and it would make that line item’s annual budget $828,414, if approved.

The fire suppression budget would be increased $429,761 to more than $10.4 million. That’s also primarily for payroll and overtime pay, officials said.