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Numerous Laramie County Planning and Development fees likely to jump sharply soon

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Entities that will be needing service from Laramie County Planning and Development will likely be subject to hefty future fee increases for work done by the department.

In its meeting Tuesday, the Laramie County Board of Commissioners approved a motion that gave the public 45-day notice required by law of the county’s intent to adopt fee schedules for the upcoming fiscal year effective July 1 — exactly 45 days from Tuesday.

Aside from a fee increase of $10 for a mobile home in 2015, county documents state that no changes to the fee structure have occurred since 2003. The county stated during Tuesday’s meeting that detailed descriptions of the proposed changes would be available on its website for the public to review ahead of any desired comments to the county.

“All estimated fees shall be determined based on the average cost time, materials and overhead expenses accrued by the Planning and Development Office in conjunction with the duties and mission of the office to serve the public,” county documents stated.


Numerous services are expected to see sharp increases, with many per-hour rates on the Planning and Development fee schedule entirely replaced by flat prices.

For instance, the fee for the department’s Preliminary Development Plan is being proposed to shift from a $50 hourly rate (with a minimum of four hours) to a $1,000 fee. Similar changes are being proposed for board approval ($50 per hour to $500), variances ($50 per hour to $500) and floodplain development permits ($50 per hour to $200).

Additionally, Building and Plan Review fee schedules were also part of the proposed changes, with fees rising from a minimum of $35 to $75 under the motion and increasing concurrently with the subject building’s value. A building with a $100,000 valuation, for example, would be subject to the most expensive fees ($1,897.50) under the new schedule — a jump up from the $1,329.52 fee for the same valuation under the current schedule.

A total overview of the proposed changes is available in a county document below.