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Cheyenne FFA students bring home many state championship awards


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Several students from throughout the city won awards during the State Championship for FFA (Future Farmers of America). 

These students were recognized during the most recent school board meeting on May 16.

The students who won state awards were from Central and East High Schools. 


The competitions require students to have a vast knowledge of various subjects and issues surrounding agriculture. They are expected to do presentations and tests, as well as answer questions on the spot from the judges. The students who won showed that they had comprehensive knowledge of the subjects they presented, some of which are very complex. 

Beginning with Central High School, the students took home several wins in both team competitions and solo presentations. 

In the Parliamentary Procedure Competitions, the team went home as state champs. The team members included Josie Wendlandt, Emma Berg, Shawn Basart, Sage Wells, Coulter Brokaw, and Isabelle Loeffler.


Regarding Agriculture Issues, team members Sarah Turner, Lily Routh, Jordan Kennedy, Hailey Cooper, Katey Carson, Carlene Barbour, and Aspen Nesvik won. 

Sarah Turner already had a state win under her belt, but that didn’t stop her from going home with a second win in Prepared Public Speaking. 

Rebecca Schilt also won as state champion in the Talent Show. 


The highest individual overall in Veterinary Science was Central High’s Aspen Nesvik, who showed she had a vast knowledge of the tools and procedures necessary to care for animals. 

East High School students also did a fantastic job, with several members bringing home the title of state champs. 

Shelby Hoobler was the state champion in the Wyoming Agriscience Fair, focusing on the area of Natural Resources. 


The state champion in Junior High Livestock Evaluation was Regan Allen. 

East High’s chapter officer team was comprised of Haylie Turley, Savannah Whittecar, Savanah Corman, Savannah Schilling, Caylin Heatherington, and Rachael Abraham. They completed a state-winning Chapter Award Application. 

Both Central and East High have students who will be Officers for the Wyoming FFA Associations. These students include Sarah Turner from Central as President, Haylie Turley from East as Vice President, and Rebecca Schilt of Central as State Parliamentarian.