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Acclaimed NBC journalist and Wyoming native Pete Williams announces retirement

NBC News correspondent and Casper native Pete Williams is seen in a screen shot from a report on Meet the Press in 2021. The veteran journalist will retire in June, 2022. (NBC News via YouTube)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper-born broadcast journalist Pete Williams announced on Thursday that he will retire in June this year.

According to NBC News, Williams has worked as a correspondent for the network since 1993, mainly covering the U.S. Supreme Court and the Department of Justice.

“He is quite simply one of the most respected, trusted, and steadfast names in news,” NBC News president Noah Oppenheim said in an email to employees on Thursday, according to NBC News.

Williams was born in Casper in 1952 and graduated from Natrona County High School in 1970 before attending Stanford University.

Williams started his broadcast journalism career in Casper in 1974 at KTWO-TV and radio, which at the time were NBC affiliates and locally owned and operated by the late Jack Rosenthal.

In 1986, Williams was hired as press secretary and legislative assistant for then-U.S. Rep. Dick Cheney, and was later appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.

“Pete’s reporting has always been ironclad,” Oppenheim said in his email. “His ability to break down the most complex and fast-developing situations is uncanny.”