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Contracts totaling ~$73M awarded for nine Wyoming construction projects


CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Transportation Commission awarded contracts totaling almost $73 million for nine construction projects in the state during its July 21 meeting, according to a Tuesday press release from the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Seven of the contracts were awarded to Wyoming-based companies, while two were awarded to out-of-state contractors, according to WYDOT. The two out-of-state contract amounts total $29 million.

All nine projects will primarily be funded with federal dollars, according to WYDOT. Most WYDOT projects are awarded to the lowest bidder. Projects considered during the July meeting saw an average of about 2.5 bids per project.

One of the nine contracts awarded by the commission has a completion date of November 2022, WDOT said:

  • $319,000 contract awarded to Cheyenne-based Reiman Corp.
    • Project location: U.S. Highway 85 in Cheyenne.
    • Work: Drainage, grading, paving and other work.

Two contracts awarded by the commission have a June 2023 completion date, according to WYDOT:

  • $1.8 million contract awarded to Lander-based High Country Construction, Inc.
    • Project location: Various places along Interstate 90 in Sheridan County.
    • Work: Paving, grading, drainage and other work.
  • $647,000 contract awarded to Sheridan-based Advanced Electrical Contracting, Inc.
    • Project location: City of Sheridan.
    • Work: Electrical, sidewalk, curb and gutter, grading and other work.

One contract with an August 2023 completion date was awarded by the commission, WYDOT said:

  • $1.7 million contract awarded to Casper-based 71 Construction.
    • Project location: Two miles of Wyoming Highway 132 in Fremont County.
    • Work: Paving, milling, chip seal, drainage and other work.

One of the projects awarded to an out-of-state contractor has a completion date of September 2023, according to WYDOT:

  • $6.8 million contract awarded to Idaho-based Avail Valley Construction-ID, LLC.
    • Project location: Nine miles of U.S. Highway 189/191 in Sublette County.
    • Work: Paving, fencing, milling, chip seal, bridge deck repair and other work.

Contracts awarded by the commission with an October 2023 completion date included the following, WYDOT said:

  • $21.1 million contract awarded to Rock Springs–based Lewis & Lewis, Inc.
    • Project location: 12 miles of Interstate 80 in Sweetwater County.
    • Work: Paving, milling, plant mix wearing course and other work on both directions of I-80.
  • $16.2 million contract awarded to Cheyenne-based Knife River.
    • Project location: 15 miles of Interstate 25 in Converse County.
    • Work: Paving, structure work, milling, plant mix wearing course, grading fencing and other work on northbound I-25.
  • $2.1 million contract awarded to Casper Electric, Inc.
    • Project location: Various intersections in Green River.
    • Work: Electrical, sidewalk, curb and gutter, signage, concrete, grading, striping and other work.

The other out-of-state contract the commission awarded is for a project with a June 2024 completion date, according to WYDOT:

  • $22.2 million contract awarded to Montana-based Riverside Contracting, Inc.
    • Project location: Eight miles of Interstate 25 in Natrona County.
    • Work: Paving, grading, structure and other work on both northbound and southbound I-25.