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(PHOTOS) Protest outside Cheyenne FBI office small and peaceful

A group of protesters gather outside of the Cheyenne FBI office. (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A small group of protesters showed up in front of the Cheyenne FBI office today, Aug. 14, to stand in support of former President Donald Trump.

The small group gathered in protest of the recent FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-o-Lago property.

Protesters gather outside the Cheyenne FBI office (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

Don Odem, who is running for House District 61, helped to organize the event.

“I’m here as a concerned American,” said Odem. “When I see what the FBI has done, if they can do that to President Trump, what can they do to us?”


Odem expressed disappointment in the current political climate, stating, “We’ve got a government that doesn’t listen to us. And part of it’s our own fault. Because when I go door to door, I run into people that still don’t vote. That’s the only weapon you’ve got is that vote.”

Protesters gather outside the Cheyenne FBI office (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)

Across the street was a solitary counter-protester, sitting with a sign that said “Reality not Conspiracy.”

The counter-protester, whose name was Dave Comley, explained his position, saying, “I’m here because it’s disturbing to see that people are to be uninformed, they’re ill-informed. Believing in these conspiracy theories is trouble.”

Dave Comley sits in counter-protest outside the Cheyenne FBI Office (Eve Hamilton/Cap City News)