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Various open container resolutions to be brought before Cheyenne City Council

(File photo; Trevor T. Trujillo, Cap City)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A total of five open container ordinances and resolutions are to be brought before the Cheyenne City Council tonight, Oct. 24.

The first of these ordinances is a group of amendments to the current city council ordinance. These amendments would be to add two subsections to the ordinance, as well as edit other subsections. One of these edits would be to allow for open containers in the downtown area year-round instead of solely between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

This ordinance is being introduced, meaning that it must go through two more readings before it would be law.

Pending a possible year-round ordinance, several resolutions have been brought forward. These resolutions would allow open container to be in effect for the following dates:

  • A Taste of Cheyenne on Nov. 12
  • Post-Thanksgiving shopping and the Christmas Parade on Nov. 25 and 26
  • Santa 0.5K on Dec. 3
  • New Year’s Eve

The resolutions state that these dates would bring many people to the downtown area and would allow for higher revenue in the area. Therefore, as there would be more people, it would justify for the open container law to be in effect.