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Meals on Wheels Cheyenne launches pet delivery service AniMEALS

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — On Saturday, Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne, in partnership with the Cheyenne Dog Food Company, Dr. Elsey’s and Meals on Wheels of America, launched the new AniMEALS program.

AniMEALS is a pet supply delivery service for clients of Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne.

“We’re so grateful to provide this new service to our clients and their companion animals,” said Stephanie Freeman, executive director of Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne. “We know how much their pets mean to them and we are excited to have them as part of the Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne family!”


The pet supplies are picked up from the Cheyenne Dog Food Company, located at 801 W. Pershing Blvd., between 10 and 11 a.m. every third Saturday of the month and delivered throughout Laramie County.

“It gives us great pleasure to partner with Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne to provide quality pet food to Laramie County residents,” said Cheyenne Dog Food Company Owner Jenessa Washburn.

Dr. Elsey, a cat service in the city, provides all of the cat food and litter for the AniMEALS program.


“We’re excited to partner with Meals on Wheels to help support Cheyenne’s residents and their pets!” said Mat Brost, the marketing director with Dr. Elsey’s.

Laramie County residents who are Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne clients can sign up for the program through the website at www.mealsonwheelsofcheyenne.com or by calling the office Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

People interested in volunteering can also sign up on the website at www.mealsonwheelsofcheyenne.com/form/volunteer-application.


Community members are encouraged to stop by Cheyenne Dog Food Company to donate pet supplies to the AniMEALS program.