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Cheyenne professional golfer helps grant wish to 15-year-old with heart condition

A heart condition doesn't stop 15-year-old Thane from playing golf, and his wish would be granted by professional golfer Josh Creel.

Josh Creel (left) and Thane (right)/ Photo Courtesy of Lum Studio

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — “A wish that was the best by par!” That’s what Make-A-Wish Wyoming staff could only imagine Thane was thinking when his wish for a set of custom golf clubs was granted.

With each and every wish, there is something magical that stands out to a wish kid. For Thane’s wish, a surprise appearance from a special guest made his all the more magical.

For 15-year-old Thane, a heart condition can certainly put a hold on doing what a teenager would normally do.

However, Thane’s heart condition couldn’t hold him back from playing a sport he loved: golf. Little did Thane know, his wish would be granted by professional golfer Josh Creel.

Thane and Creel are both from Cheyenne and share a love of golf. After learning that Thane’s wish was to have a set of golf clubs, Creel could only think, “Immediately, yes.”

Not only was he willing to participate in the wish reveal, he wanted to take Thane’s wish to the next level.

Creel started to brainstorm something cool and unique he could do for Thane and collaborated with a Titleist Wedge Representative to have custom wedges made for Thane. The wedges feature his name, custom Wyoming markings, and sayings like, “Once a cowboy, always a cowboy.”

“When I found out Thane’s wish was to have a set of golf clubs, it was a no-brainer,” Creel said. “Let’s do it! It’s funny because Thane was at a junior clinic I did a couple years earlier at Prairie View Golf Club.”

Creel flew in and surprised Thane with the wedges at his wish party. Thane was beyond surprised and excited not just to have his wish granted, but to have Creel present his custom clubs.

Make-A-Wish Wyoming ensured Thane’s wish party included a golf simulator so Thane and Creel could play some holes. The two also talked golf and enjoyed the celebration with Thane’s friends and family.

While the night had an emphasis on golf, Creel’s most memorable moments go beyond playing a few holes with Thane. He says his favorite part of this experience was sitting down, eating chicken wings with Thane and his friends and talking golf.

“Thane was so grateful and had an ear-to-ear smile,” Creel said. “It was pretty awesome and inspiring for sure.”

It’s these moments that change a wish kid’s life, and even a professional golfer’s life — special moments that they will remember forever.

While golf and Wyoming are something Thane and Creel both have in common, they now have these memories that will impact their lives in different ways for years to come.

“Had I not gotten into golf and gone down this path, I may never have been in this position where I can be involved with Make-A-Wish,” Creel said. “It was humbling and not most people get a chance to do this. Hopefully Thane and I can reconnect when I am back home this summer and play a round or two of golf.”

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