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Wyoming Behavioral Institute: Help your child stay mentally healthy this summer

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Wyoming Behavioral Institute wants to help you find new ways to support your child’s well-being.

Helping children and teens maintain their mental health is more important than ever. Focus on helping them improve handling stress and relating to others by encouraging social interactions and emotional awareness.

Ideas for maintaining mental health this summer:

  • Try a new activity or learn a new sport with friends. Participation in structured activities has been linked to cognitive and emotional development.
  • Nurture your child’s creativity and self-esteem through arts and crafts. The arts can foster prosocial behavior, a shared sense of success, shared motivation and group identity.
  • Reduce screen time and explore nature instead. “More green, less screen.” Spending time in nature can improve focus, lower stress, and provide a sense of connection.
  • Spend more time outside to boost vitamin D, which has been shown to be a crucial factor that influences depression, negative emotions and quality of life.
  • Give your child a new responsibility. Learn to help your child recognize and manage emotions, set and achieve goals and make responsible decisions.
  • Grow plants in a garden. Use this activity to teach your child how to set a goal and achieve it.
  • Discover ways to practice gratitude. Teach your child ways to think positively to help reduce stress.
  • Help your child get enough sleep. Insufficient sleep can lead to mental health and behavioral challenges such as impulsivity, stress, depression, anxiety, aggressive behavior and thinking problems, www.woodbourneanimalclinic.com/ambien-zolpidem.

Source: National Institutes of Health

Summer is a great time to help your child or teen improve coping skills for a successful upcoming school year. It is sometimes difficult to know when to seek help for children and adolescents who are struggling. These short videos can help you learn more about childhood depression and anxiety, helping a child cope with bullying and youth mental health crisis options and resources.

If you know a child or teen who may need inpatient for residential treatment or outpatient teletherapy for a mental health issue, Wyoming Behavioral Institute offers no-cost assessments 24/7. Reach out today by calling 800-457-9312 or find more information at the WBI Website. For information about child and adolescent outpatient services, call 307-439-2139.

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