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Wyoming Crime Lab recognized for its high standards in forensic science


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Division of Criminal Investigation’s Wyoming State Crime Laboratory, or WSCL, has recently announced that it has been officially recognized as an OSAC — Organization of Scientific Area Committees — Implementer for its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards in forensic science across its Biology/DNA, Drug Chemistry, Firearms/Toolmarks, Latent Prints and Toxicology units.

The OSAC, a program formed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, focuses on advancing the field of forensic science by developing and implementing rigorous standards and best practices.

The WSCL’s achievement as an OSAC Implementer demonstrates its dedication to maintaining the utmost quality and reliability in forensic operations.

In recognition of this significant milestone, the OSAC Program Office has awarded the WSCL with the OSAC Registry Standards Implementer Certificate #135. This certificate acknowledges the laboratory’s outstanding contribution to the advancement of forensic science standards.

The WSCL’s recognition as an OSAC Implementer highlights its role in shaping the future of forensic science.