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Greenway Spring Cleanup to take place across three weekends in May

(City of Cheyenne)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Greater Cheyenne Greenway Spring Cleanup effort is scheduled for three weekends this year, May 4 through May 19.

Participants should wear boots or sturdy shoes, long pants and gloves for cleanup efforts. Greenway staff can provide trash bags and lightweight gloves upon request.

Those involved in the cleanup effort should contact greenway staff when their segment is complete. Greenway crews will pick up the filled bags from the side of the path following the cleanup.

If anything has changed with contact information, greenway segment preference, or ability to continue with the program, contact greenway and parks planner Jeanie Shrednik at 307-638-4379 or jshrednik@cheyennecity.org.

For more information on the Greater Cheyenne Greenway or to view a greenway map, click here.