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Playful coyote and badger pair captured on video

A coyote and a badger are captured on camera as they playfully prepare to walk through a tunnel in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (California Council of Land and Trails)

It almost looks like the scene of an animated animal buddy movie. 

A coyote playfully wags and leaps at something off camera, before a fluffy badger walks into the frame.

The two pals then trot and waddle through a tunnel into the night.

The short but adorable scene gives fresh insight into two animals not usually known for epic cuteness.

The pair were captured on a remote camera placed by the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) as they used a manmade tunnel built under a roadway to reduce animal vs car deaths. 

According to the POST, coyotes and badgers are known to hunt together but have never been captured on video together until now.

“It’s a real treat when we get videos like this that show some personality and remind us of the relationships between wild animals and how playful they can be,” wrote the POST on its website.