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Pack of 6 mountain lions captured on video near Jackson home

Two of six mountain lions are seen in a screenshot from video at a home in the Jackson Hole area recently. The videos were posted on social media. (Christina Atkinson via Facebook)

Video showing three different angles of a pack of six mountain lions canvassing a home in Jackson is taking social media by storm today.

Christina Atkinson posted the videos that she says were taken at a friend’s home recently.

“If you live or work around Indian Springs Ranch be aware!!” she wrote on the post.

Sightings of mountain lions in Jackson aren’t too uncommon.

“This experience illuminates the reason I live here and guide people through the national parks, and why Jackson Hole is a truly unique and special place,” wrote Spring Creek Ranch Naturalist Dawson Smith on his in a blog post describing his mountain lion experiences in a blog post earlier this year. “It is truly special and all the large mammals that lived here prior to human settlement, they are here today.”

This article originally appeared on Oil City News. Used with permission.