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Untrapped Tuesday presents Eco-hero #1: the American Beaver

Courtesy Wyoming Untrapped (photographer Savannah Rose Burgess)

The American Beaver, Eco-hero #1:

Did you know American Beavers are often referred to as ecosystem engineers? Long before humans thought to build the Hoover Dam, American Beavers built and altered landscapes across Wyoming. Beavers are phenomenal engineers, enriching the health of Wyoming’s ecosystems by creating and maintaining wetland habitats.

Click here to view the first video in our Engagement Through Film Series “Beavers: Eco-Engineers,” which highlights the extraordinary ecosystem benefits beavers provide.

To see the video in Spanish, click here: Los Castores: Ingenieros de Ecosistemas (Versión en Español).

Beaver dams control water flow and quality, creating healthy ecosystems that benefit all life, including humans. The wetlands that beavers maintain increase the groundwater table, suppress wildfires, mitigate drought, and regulate flooding. Beavers create and preserve critically important wetland habitats on which countless other species rely!

Unfortunately, beavers are commonly trapped when they build their homes near humans, mainly because humans are unaware of their benefits. Help us educate our community on the advantages of beavers.

Reach out to us for non-lethal beaver management options to keep this eco-hero on the landscape. Beavers need our protection. After all, they are protecting us. We are all interconnected. Please join us to ensure their future, our future, and the future of Wyoming through coexistence.

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Exceptional partners give wings to great ideas! This project was funded (or funded in part) by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and Lush Cosmetics: Charity Pot.

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