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Helicopter crew to fit 130 Wyoming Range deer with GPS collars; herd has estimated 30K deer

(Wyoming Game and Fish)

CASPER, Wyo. — A professional wildlife capture crew working out of a helicopter will conduct capture and collaring of 130 deer from the Wyoming Range herd on Dec. 1–2, according to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

“This effort is part of a new statewide Mule Deer Monitoring Program designed to ramp up the Game and Fish Department’s efforts to help Wyoming’s struggling mule deer populations,” Game and Fish said.

The new research will build on previous collaring of deer in the Wyoming Range herd. The 130 does, bucks and juveniles that will be fitted with GPS collars will be in addition to approximately 80 that are already collared, Game and Fish said.


“The Wyoming Range deer herd is one of the largest in the state, estimated at some 30,000 animals,” the department noted.

The deer captures will primarily take place on larger winter ranges near LaBarge, Kemmerer and Evanston, but about 25 deer will be collared in Star Valley, Game and Fish said. Collaring deer in the Star Valley area will be a first.

“Captures in Star Valley are planned for the foothills of the Salt Range between Alpine and Smoot, and also for the Spring Creek area near Fairview,” Game and Fish said.