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Bird farm hunting area stocks in southeast Wyoming to run out of pheasants by Christmas


CASPER, Wyo. — The Downar Game Bird Farm has enough pheasants to stock some hunting areas in southeast Wyoming this week and again during the week of Dec. 19, but will be out of birds by Christmas, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said on Wednesday.

The remaining birds will be stocked in Glendo State Park and Goshen County Walk-in Areas 24 and 63, according to Game and Fish. Birds will be stocked twice this week and once in the week of Dec. 19 if weather conditions allow.

The Downar Game Bird Farm raised about 17,000 pheasants to stock in hunting areas in southeast Wyoming this year.

“Birds were stocked at Springer and Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Areas, Glendo State Park, and Walk-in Areas in Goshen County,” Game and Fish said. “The supply of pheasants usually lasts until about mid-December each year.”