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(PHOTOS) Cheyenne firefighters rescue bear from tree

A bear lays sedated after Cheyenne firefighters rescued it from high in a tree. (Cheyenne Firefighters)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — An unexpected visitor stopped by Cheyenne the weekend of Sept. 9.

A resident called to report a bear near Clear Creek Park. Its paw appeared to be hurt but it managed to climb up into a tree, according to a Facebook post by the Cheyenne Police Department.

Officers worked with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Cheyenne firefighters to safely capture the bear. Its injuries were evaluated by wildlife experts, and it was deemed safe to relocate to a new home in the Snowy Range Mountains, the post states. No stolen picnic baskets have been reported.

(Cheyenne Firefighters)

Clear Creek Park is a 45-acre park located at 251 Southwest Drive in Cheyenne. The park is a popular location for parties, picnics and family gatherings.

If residents encounter a fuzzy friend, here are a few tips the CPD wants them to keep in mind:

  • Never approach or feed wildlife. This not only creates a dangerous situation for you, but it also puts animals at risk. #ifnotfriendwhyfriendshaped
  • Keep pets leashed to avoid unintentional encounters with wildlife.
  • If an animal is behaving strangely, appears to be injured or is in an area that poses a risk to people, contact Dispatch at (307) 637-6525 for help connecting with the best resource.
(Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Fire Rescue)
(Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Police Department)
(Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Police Department)
(Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Fire Rescue)