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City Council unanimously approves Billy Jack’s Pizza Pub bar and grill liquor license

A sign outside the future Billy Jack's Pizza Pub location at Cheyenne Regional Airport in Cheyenne. (Briar Napier/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Billy Jack’s Pizza Pub is ready to open in the Cheyenne Airport, the owners said in a letter to City Council, and it can do so with its own bar and grill liquor license in hand.

The decision came about a month after a public hearing on the venture’s application for the liquor license, during which the council discussed the possibility of the airport applying for a retail liquor license that would also cover Billy Jack’s. The pub’s owners, in their letter to the council, said the airport was not ready to move on its liquor license. They asked the council not to postpone awarding the bar and grill license Tuesday.

A motion to postpone, as recommended by the city’s Finance Committee, died for lack of a second.

“The license, if they decide to go with the retail the airport is allowed to apply for, [Billy Jack’s] could simply relinquish the bar and grill [license]. They are not able to transfer it, I don’t believe, to another entity, so it would revert back to the city and it would be eligible to be awarded to another applicant,” City Clerk Kris Jones said, answering a question on the matter of the airport’s liquor license.

Following the liquor license approval, Mayor Patrick Collins said, “Good luck, gentlemen.”