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Cheyenne City Council looks into the expansion of local microbrewery


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Freedom’s Edge Brewery is now able to double its seating capacity thanks to approval from the Cheyenne City Council on July 11.

In a letter sent to the city council, owner Erik Kilmer said, “We have identified a bottleneck in our business that has been brought on by that success; our indoor seating is very limited and in turn is limiting our continued growth and hindering our ability to better serve our dedicated patrons. It is disheartening to watch customers walk in just to turn around and leave because there are no open seats in our taproom.”

Kilmer later said in the letter that, though they would not be able to expand the indoor seating area, they would like to add an outdoor deck area for their customers.

This 20×40 fenced outdoor patio would be adjacent to the north side of the building, and it will double the capacity of the brewery.

The company approached the city for approval because it has a microbrewery license.