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Removal and repair of curb ramps lead to discussion in the Cheyenne City Council

Image of the Council Chambers (City of Cheyenne)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Several newly constructed curb ramps are to be removed and replaced after they were found to be non-ADA compliant.

This decision was made during the most recent Cheyenne City Council Meeting on July 11.

According to a memorandum, which is between the City of Cheyenne and AVI, p.c., Reiman Corporation, there are several newly constructed curb ramps that are non-ADA compliant. The memorandum states that both the City and ACI, p.c., Reiman Corporation can to an agreement that all ramps non-compliant will be removed and replaced, just through a different company.


When questioned regarding the situation and how it had taken so long to get to this point, Thomas D. Cobb, the City Engineer, stated that they had identified 10 curbs that were non-compliant and that all those who had worked on said curbs had taken responsibility for the mistake, and according to the memorandum “the accepted competitive bid price, including all items pertaining to the removal and
replacement of the ramps shall be equally shared at 1/3 each by the City of Cheyenne,
Reiman Corporation, and AVI, p.c.”

Pete Laybourn, however, brought up several issues which he found regarding the memorandum. He asked why there were no notations in the files of the memorandum to the warranty, expressing disappointment that no system was followed so that proper documentation was done. Laybourn said, “The punch list and the warranty I don’t know if they don’t exist or what their story is here. But I think this is really important for us to know that we have a system and I believe that that system should be available for documentation.”