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Cheyenne now offers off-premises winery permits

Screenshot of a 2021 Cheyenne City Council Meeting (Facebook Video)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The City of Cheyenne is now offering $50 off-premises winery permits, following a City Council action Monday, July 25.

The approval came following the third and final reading of changes to the city’s liquor license regulations. The change allows for the city clerk, with approval by the police chief, to issue an off-premises winery permit, which allows for the sale of products at meetings, conventions, private parties, dinners and other such gatherings.

The amendment was inadvertently left out of previous code amendments resulting from liquor revisions approved by the Wyoming Legislature in 2021.          

The off-premises winery permit is issued for one 24-hour period. Applicants are allowed up to 12 permits in any one calendar year.