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Cheyenne annexes 1,283 acres for High Plains Business Park

Cheyenne has annexed more than 1,200 acres to be used for the High Plains Business Park. (City of Cheyenne)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — With the unanimous support of its City Council, the City of Cheyenne annexed 1,283 acres of land between Clear Creek Parkway and South Greeley Highway, south of College Drive, for the development of the High Plains Business Park.

The city’s Public Services Committee recommended the approval upon third reading, which took place Monday. There was no public comment or comment from the council prior to the approval.

A city memo states the applicant for the annexation was Cheyenne Leads. Of the 1,283 acres, 973 come with a limited industrial use zoning. The land is mostly undeveloped, and prior to the annexation it was zoned for limited rural- or agricultural-type operations, the memo states.

The annexation and supporting documents are as follows: