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Ol’ Sadie restoration grant set for 15th Street Rail Project; worker wage matrix, other resolutions pass council

More than a dozen items on council's consent agenda, including grant agreements and contracts each exceeding $100,000, were approved on Monday.

Councilmembers during the May 17 Committee of the Whole meeting / Youtube Screenshot.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Cheyenne City Council approved a myriad of resolutions and contracts at its second meeting of November on Monday evening, including approval to restore Wyoming’s oldest steam engine in an amount up to $480,000, providing a salary adjustment matrix to city workers and approving a bar and liquor license for a business on Dell Range Boulevard.

To view the full list of Monday’s agenda items and their supporting documents, visit the City of Cheyenne City Council’s web page.

Here is a list of all resolutions and agreements approved by the city as of Nov. 27.


  • Authorizing the mayor to execute a settlement agreement with WJE LLC to resolve the April 6, 2023, notice of governmental claim regarding an alleged taking of real property in Saddle Ridge adjacent to Christensen Road.
  • Providing salary adjustments to 116 non-uniformed employees identified through a wage matrix tool created to address pay disparity.
  • Acknowledging the adoption of the Wyoming Retirement System deferred compensation plan for full-time employees, adopting the deferred compensation plan for part-time employees and further specifying the part-time employee plan enrollment method.
  • Authorizing the city treasurer to discharge uncollectible debts pursuant to Wyoming Statute §16-4-502.
  • Authorizing the mayor to execute all necessary documents related to the transfer, purchase and sale of a specified portion of the property located at 503 W. College Drive.
  • Authorizing the mayor to sign a final plat for Sunnyside Addition, 13th Filing, a replat of Lot 2, Block 1, Sunnyside Addition, Tenth Filing, City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming (located east of Cleveland Avenue and north of U.S. 30).
  • Granting an exception to the “201 Agreement” for the owner of the property located on a portion of the SW 1/4 Section 13 to allow installation of on-site sewage holding tanks (septic system) located within Laramie County.
  • Supporting the conversion of a portion of the Dutcher Ball Fields, located at 4200 Converse Ave., from perpetual public outdoor recreation use and committing to encumber the Rotary Park property to be donated by the Cheyenne Rotary Club Foundation to include a deed restriction for perpetual public outdoor recreation use pursuant to the requirements set forth in the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965.

Leases and contracts

  • Agreement between the City of Cheyenne and WMC Cheyenne LLC for a drainage easement granted to the city to ensure maintenance of a storm water conveyance system.
  • Memorandum of understanding between the City of Cheyenne and the Cheyenne Depot Museum Inc. regarding the charitable contribution from the David Donoho-A Friend of the #844 Fund, a fund of the Indianapolis Foundation, to the Cheyenne Depot Museum to support the restoration of Ol’ Sadie for the 15th Street Rail Project. The agreement shall not exceed $480,000.
  • Contract between the City of Cheyenne, Office of Youth Alternatives, and Laramie County School District 1 for community counseling and crisis intervention services. The contract shall not exceed $200,770.49.
  • Professional services agreement between the City of Cheyenne and Ardurra for the Charles Street Drainage and Roadway Improvements Design Project. The agreement is funded via the 2019–2022 Optional 1% Sales Tax Fund and shall not exceed $152,200.
  • Grant award agreement between the City of Cheyenne, Cheyenne Fire Rescue Department, and the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, FEMA, Grant Programs Directorate, SHSP Grant Fiscal Year 2023 in the amount of $109,000 to support ongoing training and equipment purchases for the Cheyenne Fire Rescue Regional Emergency Response Team 7.


  • Bar and grill liquor license application filed with the city clerk’s office for Wyoming Horse Racing LLC, Horse Palace at 1802 Dell Range Blvd., Suite 3.