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Cheyenne Fire Rescue finishes inspection of new apparatus; final equipment mounting to be completed in Colorado

Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Fire Rescue

CHEYENNE, Wyo. —​ Cheyenne Fire Rescue stated Tuesday it is close to receiving four new fire apparatus after the new vehicles were inspected last week.

CFR ordered three fire engines and one aerial ladder in January 2022 using sixth-cent funds. A team from CFR visited Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin, to ensure the new vehicles were built as ordered.

“Current wait times for apparatus have extended to 46 months so we are extremely fortunate to have ordered these when we did and are very pleased with the outcome of these trucks,” CFR Chief John Kopper said in a news release.

Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Fire Rescue
Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Fire Rescue

The new trucks will now be delivered to Front Range Fire Apparatus in Windsor, Colorado, to complete the equipment mounting for each vehicle before being placed in service in Cheyenne. They will replace several vehicles currently in use that have aged out.

“The committee has worked numerous years together and spent countless hours over the years to design the perfect apparatus to deliver the expected professionalism, response and service to the community and I think we finally nailed it,” Lt. Neil Durante said. “These trucks mark a new direction with the department, and we tried to reflect that in both design and appearance.”

Durante, Battalion Chief John Fitzgerald, Lt. Brent Osborne, Lt. Jake Vassar, Engineer Shane Reed, Firefighter Vinny Padovano and Fleet Mechanic Richard Stout all participated in the inspection. They pored over the line-by-line details of the specification to ensure the apparatus were exactly what was ordered.

“The time these guys invested in this inspection process demonstrates their dedication to our personnel by ensuring we bring the safest and best vehicles for response into our community,” Deputy Chief Andrew Dykshorn said.

An open house and traditional dedication of the vehicles will be held for the public once they are ready to be placed in service.