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Police can now impound vehicles on city’s scofflaw list

The revised code also alters how the city handles its appeals process for immobilized or impounded vehicles.

Mayor Patrick Collins, center, addresses members of the Cheyenne City Council during the city's meeting Monday, March 26 inside the Cheyenne City Council Chambers. (Jared Gendron/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Cheyenne police can now impound a car that is parked on unauthorized ground or if it has racked up too many parking tickets.

On Monday night, Cheyenne councilmembers voted to revise the city’s Municipal Code Title 12, “Vehicles and Traffic,” to grant police broader authority when handling vehicles on the city’s scofflaw list. According to the regulations, any vehicle that has three or more outstanding parking citations will be added to the scofflaw list.

Previously, law enforcement had the authority to immobilize a vehicle on the city’s scofflaw list that is parked on public property, according to the municipal code. If the vehicle had not been released within two business days, then city staff could opt to tow it, according to the municipal code. Under the revised regulations, CPD can choose to tow and impound any vehicle on the scofflaw list that is parked on public property in addition to immobilizing it.

Cheyenne police could previously tow vehicles parked in an unauthorized place. The revised code allows law enforcement to now impound the vehicle in addition to towing.

A driver must pay all outstanding fines for their vehicle to be removed from the scofflaw list. Anyone whose vehicle has been immobilized must pay all outstanding violation fees and late fees for city staff to release the vehicle. Car owners are also responsible for any applicable towing and storage charges.

As part of the amendment, the revised Title 12 code alters the appeals process for anyone whose vehicle was immobilized or impounded. Any appeal a registered driver submitted used to go before a municipal court judge for review. Now, all appeals and subsequent decisions are the responsibility of CPD’s parking administration manager. All requests for a post-deprivation review must be made within 10 days of a vehicle being immobilized or impounded.

Lt. Joel Hickerson with the Cheyenne Police Department said Monday that law enforcement will now be solely utilizing tire wheel locks, such as a boot, when impounding vehicles. Previously, the department would place a Barnacle device on a car’s windshield to prevent drivers from operating an impounded vehicle.