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Commissioners slam fireworks businesses for ‘obnoxious behavior,’ reject fireworks permit applications

Two businneses on Interstate 25 south of Cheyenne submitted applications for four fireworks permits. The commissioners voted against each of them.

Image by Heiko Stein from Pixabay

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A slew of Laramie County businesses were set Tuesday to receive renewed fireworks permits ahead of the summer season. However, some were not approved.

At its regular Tuesday meeting, the Board of County Commissioners tossed out fireworks sale permit applications for businesses located on Interstate 25 south of Cheyenne. Breanna Elliott, who operates Jurassic Fireworks at 201 I-25 Service Road and Artillery World at 237 I-25 Service Road, applied for one yearly and three seasonal permits. All were denied.

Before taking a vote, several commissioners voiced their concerns and grievances about Jurassic Fireworks and Artillery World. Commissioner Troy Thompson said he has received complaints regarding the businesses for several years.

“I do not think that they have been a very good community partner,” Thompson said. He added that in summer 2023, he and the other commissioners received complaints from surrounding businesses regarding bullhorns and “obnoxious behavior.”

“I drove out there multiple times, and it’s hard to drive down the road without being accosted by a guy with a bullhorn,” Thompson continued, “and I just don’t think it’s an appropriate way to conduct business in Laramie County.”

Commissioner Buck Holmes concurred with Thompson’s points.

“Up until we had this one group there, we never had a bit of problems with fireworks out there,” Holmes said. “We’ve had to have multiple sheriff’s calls out there. We’ve had multiple times that people are very rude to their neighbors. I don’t think these are the kind of people that I want doing business in Laramie County.”

Commissioners Thompson, Holmes, Gunnar Malm and Linda Heath rejected Jurassic Fireworks’ permit request. The application from Artillery World was shot down on a 3–2 vote, with commissioners Malm and Lovett voting to approve.

The commissioners unanimously voted to pass the yearly permit for Phantom Fireworks Showrooms at 227 and 239 I-25 Service Road East. The board also granted a seasonal fireworks permit to Jim Landis, doing business as USA Fireworks, at 102 W. College Drive.