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Dozens of LCSD1 student musicians, drama performers receive recognition, state awards

Students from across five LCSD1 schools were present at the district's Board of Trustees meeting Monday night.

Dan Holroyd, LCSD1 fine arts & performing arts coordinator, gives praise to student musicians with the All-Northwest American Choral Directors Association on Monday, March 4 at the LCSD1 Board of Trustees meeting in Storey Gym. (Jared Gendron/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Close to 100 students from across Laramie County District 1 received praise for their dedication and service to their respective art programs on Monday night.

Youth from five junior high and high schools lined up to receive recognition from LCSD1 Board of Trustees members on Monday night. Some students had recently earned top awards at statewide competitions or participated in musical performances at competitive conferences.

“I feel that the fine arts is not just important but one-hundred-percent crucial and necessary to a child’s education,” said Central High School theatre coach Jeremiah Kolkman, who was present at Monday’s meeting to give kudos to his students.

In early December, theatre arts students at Central High participated in the Wyoming State Thespian Festival. The event attracts roughly 600 performing arts students from more than 30 schools across the state, Kolkmnan said. Young performers compete in theatrical events that involve acting, singing, dancing, set design and construction, writing and short film.

Regional directors adjudicate students during the thespian competition. This year, Central High’s ensemble group of performers received second place overall at the event, first place for arena performance and second place for devised performance.

“I’m one-hundred-percent, completely proud of this team,” Kolkman said.

The theatre coach recognized the following Central High students for their commitment to drama production on Monday night: 

  • Alaina Obermueller – Costume Construction and Costume Design 
  • Liberty Araas – Costume Design and Playwriting One Act 
  • Kempton Perriton – Duet Musical Performance 
  • Jordan Wilch – Moulage Makeup Application 
  • Mallory Smith – Duet Musical Performance 
  • Claire Nelson – Solo Musical Performance 
  • Linnaea Kovacs – Fantasy Makeup Application and Makeup Design 
  • Bridget Dillow – Fantasy Makeup Application 
  • Isabelle Conwell – Theatre Marketing and Stage Management 
  • Kailynn Sylvia – Sound Design 

Music performance recognition

Dozens more students packed into the LCSD1 Board of Trustees room on Monday night to receive awards for their music service.

Dan Holroyd, LCSD1 fine & performing arts coordinator, introduced students who are members of Wyoming all-state performing groups or the American Choral Directors Association. All-state musicians had to audition to get into their respective statewide groups, according to Holroyd. The all-state groups — which consist of collectives for band, choir, orchestra, jazz band and jazz choir performers — take part in music festivals and other statewide performing opportunities, such as one in January at Natrona County High School in Casper.

“These auditions are pretty vigorous, and the students have to work pretty hard,” Holroyd said. He added that for some groups, students submitted audition tapes and were chosen amongst hundreds of other tryouts from across the state.

Dozens of students also auditioned to be inducted into the American Choral Directors Association, a nonprofit education organization that aims to “inspire excellence and nurture lifelong involvement in choral music for everyone through education, performance, composition and advocacy,” according to the organization’s mission statement.

The LCSD1 fine arts coordinator honored the following students across the county on Monday night:

American Choral Directors Association – All-Northwest

Central High School

  • Liberty Araas, Aubrey Ashby, Jason Culver, Joshua Dent, Adelaide Gonzales, Haley Hess, Shelby Kirkbride, Jayson Lesher, Alaina Obermueller, Sophia Rose, David Schulz, Ashli Smedley and Madilyn Tolman

East High School

  • Madelyn Artery, Addyson Brekhus, Savannah Christie, Bridget DeMelfi, Adriana Hardin, Finley Kastens, Abby Petri, Hannah Schick, Vesper Seitz and Ben Wakkinen

Johnson Junior High School

  • Charlotte Fife and Kenzey Smith

McCormick Junior High School

  • Lillian Bowers, Julie Christopherson, Holly Clement, Sienna Freeman, Claire Johnson, Arianna Pacheco, Sean Plete, Kaleah Rahl-Bylow, Claire Urbanek and Presley Willmarth

South High School

  • Alexander Fife and Thomas Ten Eyck

All-State Band Members

Central High School

  • Jarrett Benboe, Anu Glennie, Andrew Lance, Brayden Metcalf and Isabella Pena

East High School

  • Zachary Caraballo, Thomas Dixon, Vincent Gallizzi, Rachel Good, Ashley Olson, Madison Schwaiger and Rosalie Zubrod

South High School

  • Camryn Bolton, Parker Brennan, Jason Giguere, James Hushbeck, Seanna Lohmann, Charlie Mota, Madison O’Briant and Aaron Walker

All-State Choir

Central High School

  • Nick Duda, David Schulz and Madilyn Tolman

East High School

  • Trey Sean Andres Allen, Madelyn Artery, Addyson Brekhus, Ethan Corinescu, Taylor Mosshammer, Abby Petri and Vesper Seitz

South High School

  • Aidan Levesque-Vickrey

All-State Orchestra

Central High School

  • Isabel Caldon, German Garcia, Parker Koerwitz, Henry McGuire, Audrianna Sprakties, Johnathan Tribby, Genesis Tyler and Jacob Vann

East High School

  • Missa Bersabe, Ty Bronder, Sofia Fitzpatrick, Josephine Haberkorn, Cora Kang, James Kang, Robert Matthews, Andrew Thomas and Mary Wallace

All-State Jazz Band

East High School

  • Zachary Caraballo, Kylie Filip and Vincent Gallizzi

South High School

  • Parker Brennan, Emma Cortez, Jason Giguere, James Hushbeck and Madison O’Briant

All-State Jazz Choir

East High School

  • Addyson Raine Brekhus, Ethan Corinescu and Finley Kastens

The Board of Trustees will hold its next regular meeting at 6 p.m. March 18 inside Storey Gym, 2811 House Ave.