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Laramie County resident Taft Love announces bid for Wyoming Senate

Taft Love. (Photo courtesy of Laramie County GOP)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Taft Love, chair of Laramie County GOP’s Executive Committee, has announced he is running for Wyoming State Senate District 6, according to a message he sent Cap City News.

Describing his qualifications for the role, Taft said he has served his community in various capacities over many years.

“I am eager to bring my experience and passion to the state level to represent our values and interests,” Taft said via message. “My journey has been one rooted in service and commitment to our state.”

A graduate of the University of Wyoming, Taft has worked with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department and the Wyoming Division of Tourism. He stated his experiences working with these state agencies has shaped his “understanding of our natural resources and the importance of promoting our state to the world.” He eventually moved into the private sector to establish his own outdoor recreation, a ranch operation and a construction business.

Taft is a former board member with the Laramie County School District 2 School Board and is the current chair of the county’s Republican Party. He said his time working on both committees has educated him about the needs of the community and prepared him to represent his constituents at the state level.

“I believe that maintaining Wyoming’s proud heritage and values is crucial as we navigate the path towards a successful future driven by tangible results,” Taft stated. “I am committed to engaging with each one of you, understanding the issues that matter most to you, and working tirelessly to address them at the state level.”

Currently, Wyoming Senate District 6 is represented by Sen. Anthony Bouchard. Members of the Senate serve a four-year term. District 6 stretches between Laramie and Platte counties and encompasses Chugwater, Wheatland and northern Cheyenne.

At the time of reporting, Taft has not officially filed his candidacy paperwork to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office’s Elections Division, according to its candidate roster. Candidates have until May 31 to file their forms with the office to run in the primary election.

So far, three other individuals are running for the district’s seat: Gary Bjorklund of Wheatland, Kim Withers of Cheyenne and Marc Torriani of Pine Bluffs.