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(UPDATE) ‘RIP V-I-C’: Cheyenne AI mayoral candidate possibly violating software policy, developer says

Victor Miller aims to utilize artificial intelligence to run the city of Cheyenne. But developer OpenAI says users can't use its software for political campaigning.

Victor Miller, who is running for mayor of Cheyenne under his AI moniker VIC, speaks during the "Politics in the Park" event Wednesday, June 12 at the Lions Park Amphitheater in Cheyenne. (Jared Gendron/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Over the past week, government officials have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how to handle an artificial intelligence’s candidacy for mayor of Cheyenne. However, this candidate will likely be disqualified — not by Wyoming election officials, but the makers of the AI itself.

Victor Miller, running for Cheyenne mayor under his chatbot moniker Virtual Integrated Citizen, or VIC, told Cap City News on Wednesday that he plans to utilize the AI software and virtual assistant ChatGPT to vote on city business. However, this goes against ChatGPT policy, according to its developer, OpenAI.

“Anyone who builds with our tools must follow our usage policies,” a spokesperson for OpenAI told Cap City News via email Thursday morning. “We recently removed a developer account that was knowingly violating our API usage policies which disallow political campaigning, or impersonating an individual without consent.”

The spokesperson followed up with Cap City News on Thursday afternoon, stating that OpenAI has taken action against Miller’s account.

“We’ve taken action against this GPT due to a violation of our policies against political campaigning,” the spokesperson stated.


In a statement to Cap City News on Thursday, Miller said he is disappointed by OpenAI’s response. He said he hadn’t read OpenAI’s terms and conditions but believes he is utilizing their intelligence software appropriately.

“I will continue the course with exactly what I was doing before,” Miller said, adding that he can migrate to other chatbot tools. “I certainly don’t think that I’m impersonating anyone. If they have a rule against using it in politics, I think they’re, you know, chopping a leg off of one of the really great use cases for this, that I see. It can really help us in politics.”

Still, Miller is undeterred and says other intelligence chatbots are being developed at exponential rates.

“But no, I’m going full steam ahead, and I’ll give a call out to the open source community,” Miller said. “Yeah, RIP V-I-C. But I assure you, I’m going to resurrect it again.”

Mayoral candidate Victor Miller sits during the “Politics in the Park” event Wednesday, June 12 at the Lions Park Amphitheater in Cheyenne. (Jared Gendron/Cap City News)

On Wednesday night, Miller and Cheyenne’s four other mayoral candidates attended an open forum hosted by the Laramie County GOP. Asked about how he would conduct city business, Miller continually referred to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, stating that his vision for Cheyenne’s future is to use the tool for municipal decision-making.

“I plan on ushering in a new type of intelligence into the political world,” Miller said. “If anyone is familiar with the exponential growth curve of AI scaling, you know that ChatGPT is right now about an IQ of 155. … So my plan is to position us to be the first and to be the most impactful about utilizing this new intelligence when it comes onto the scene.”

Cap City News will release a separate report on Miller’s campaign on Thursday.