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Laramie County health and food inspections (5/1/22–5/1/22)

Health Inspection

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department (CLCHD) inspects restaurants, bars, convenient stores, delis, grocery stores, bed and breakfasts and more. Every facility has an unannounced inspection at least twice a year.

According to the CLCHD, there are two types of violations: red critical violations” and “black violations.” Critical violation are violations that are most likely to cause a foodborne illness and make someone sick. Non-critical violations, meanwhile, might be something more along the lines of cleanliness or upkeep of the facility.

According to Roy Kroeger, the Environmental Health Director at the CLCHD, “We try to have the establishment correct any violations on the spot. Critical violations are either corrected immediately or within 24 hours.” He says that for noncritical violations, they still have to fix it, but a follow-up might not happen until their next routine inspection.

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If a re-inspection is required, the issue might have been more severe or the facility required more time to fix it. They have ten days to fix the issue.

While the CLCHD is looking for deficiencies, the organization’s main goal is to educate businesses, helping them understand unsafe practices and ways to correct them. This means that not having a violation does not necessarily mean that the business is unsafe. 

Any serious violations or notable quotes will be included in the summary notes below, but the full report for each restaurant can be found at the CLCHD’s website, where they publish all of their current information.

May 4

Amvets Post #10
Violations: 3; 1 critical
Re-inspection Required: No
Link to full report

From the report: “Dishwashers not registering 50-100 ppm chlorine. Glass dishwasher has no concentration, other dishwasher is <50ppm.”

May 6

Big D #32 (820 W Lincolnway)
Violations: 4; 1 critical, 1 corrected during inspection
Re-inspection Required: Yes
Link to full report

From the report: “Observation: Pizza – cooked ready to sell using time as control. Correction: Provide time as a health control policy and keep a time log.”


Arby’s (3228 W. College Drive)
Violations: 2
Re-inspection Required: No
Link to full report

May 10

Bernie’s Cafe Inc.
Violations: 4; 2 critical, corrected during inspection
Re-inspection Required: No
Link to full report

From the report: “Good temperatures. Clean facility.”