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Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division to use insecticide to remove Ips beetles

Bark beetle Ips typographus (Shutterstock)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Crews from the City of Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division will begin spraying spruce trees the week of July 8 to prevent Ips beetle infestations at several city parks and city-owned properties.

Spruce trees will be treated on calm days to minimize drift. Crews will need to spray the entire trunk and larger branches with an insecticide.

Residents are asked to stay away from spraying crews and avoid parking vehicles adjacent to trees being sprayed. Crews may have to close off parking spaces and sidewalks to give themselves adequate space to work.

For questions about spruce Ips beetles, contact Urban Forestry at 307-637-6428.

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