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Make sure your pets are safe this Independence Day

(Image by christels from Pixabay)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Animal Control sees an increase of loose and injured animals around Independence Day and would like to remind the public of some ways to make sure pets are safe during the fireworks shows.

In a release from the city, Animal Control suggested that residents place their pets in a safe, confined space during the fireworks shows. They suggest that you not leave your animals unattended, as fireworks could scare animals and cause them to find a way to escape to get away from the noise.

If you are aware of your animal’s fear of loud noises, try avoiding areas with fireworks or try using calming resources such as calming collars.

Do not bring your animals to fireworks shows, as animals tend to react in a “fight or flight” manner in a high-stress situation.


The city would also like to remind the public that the use of consumer fireworks within the City of Cheyenne limits is not allowed on private property. They are also prohibited on public property, which includes parks, schools, streets, alleys, and public right-of-ways.