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Laramie County Divorce Filings (3/2/23–3/23/23)

The latest divorce filings from Laramie County District Court.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Here is a list of those who have filed for divorce from March 2 through March 23, 2023. All filings are reported to Cap City News by the Laramie County District Court.

The log is not a comprehensive document and may not represent all of the divorces in Natrona County. The report excludes sealed cases and confidential parties.

Divorce Filings:

  • Brittany Cisco v. Jathaniel Cisco
  • Adam Gabriel Hernandez v. Roseann Kay Hernandez
  • Trevor Warren Fisk v. Amy Nicole Fisk
  • Traci Erikson v. Daniel Erikson
  • Jennifer Leigh Nordwick v. Thor Odin Nordwick
  • Lydia Marie Kinkade v. Christopher Lee Winn
  • Travis C. Meredith v. Kenzie S. Meredith
  • Andrea Watson v. Trey Watson
  • Victoria Lynn Stevenson v. Joshua Allen Stevenson
  • Victoria Abeyta v. Issac Abeyta
  • Jo Ann Cook v. Tim Cook
  • Suzannah Leigh Taylor v. William Edward Taylor
  • Malachi Gonzalez v. Jessica Gonzalez
  • Ramona Villalpando v. Shawn Anthony Villalpando
  • Trevor Anderson v. Kendall Ensign
  • Christopher Gregory Chisholm v. Brandi Michelle Grass
  • Anna Marie Skrobot v. Conor V. Skrobot
  • Jodie Marie Koenigs v. Nicholas James Koenigs