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Cheyenne South High School principal responds to parent comments on sociology

South High School, LCSD1, South Triad (Lisa Hushbeck/Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — South High School Principal Phil Thompson has released a letter regarding parent concerns surrounding the school’s sociology course and curriculum.

This comes after the most recent Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, Oct. 17, during which a parent came forward and spoke about the sociology class that her child was in. Loraine Wilcox said that during the class, students were asked specific questions regarding sex and gender, followed by watching the documentary “Growing Up Trans.”

“Even on the parent portal site, there is no summary or information on the material taught,” Wilcox said. “This classroom was [acting] without parent notification or the opportunity for students to discuss or bring up possible concerns.”

Wilcox stated that when her child said that they did not want to participate in the class, they were told to leave.

“Because of the conversation and discussions taking place throughout our community, we would like to clarify some information,” Thompson said, noting that the sociology curriculum and materials were adopted through the policy process in 2016, being posted for a 45-day review and aligning to state standards.

Thompson stated that the class is offered as an elective, which means it is by choice, and that the course description is included in the registration process.

Parents may access the curriculum and instruction maps online by following the link here.

The district sends out links to parents on how to join their children’s Canvas pages. If parents have questions, Thompson encouraged them to begin their inquiry with the teacher and/or school administration.

“It is important for our community to know that in all of our schools and throughout the district, we want all of our students to feel a sense of belonging,” Thompson said, “Specifically, at South High, there is a commitment from staff and students to ensure an open and inclusive environment for all students.”