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WATCH: President Biden to show first Webb Space Telescope images

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope being secured on top of the Ariane 5 rocket that will launch it to space from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana.(European Space Agency-M.Pedoussaut, Flickr)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are to receive a briefing from NASA officials and preview the first images from the Webb Space Telescope, the highest-resolution images of the infrared universe ever captured.

The first image from the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope is going to show the farthest humanity has ever seen in both time and distance, closer to the dawn of the universe and the edge of the cosmos. That image will be followed Tuesday by the release of four more galactic beauty shots from the telescope’s initial outward gazes, the Associated Press reported.

NASA said Biden will show a “deep field” image. That shot is likely to be be filled with lots of stars, with massive galaxies in the foreground distorting the light of the objects behind, telescoping them and making faint and extremely distant galaxies visible. Part of the image will be of light from not too long after the Big Bang.

“We’re going to give humanity a new view of the cosmos,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told reporters last month in a briefing. “And it’s a view that we’ve never seen before.”