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Wind closures on I-80, various Wyoming highways; South Pass area recording 79 mph gusts

Wyoming Highway 28 at the lower end of the Red Canyon. (WYDOT)

CASPER, Wyo. — Strong winds are occurring across areas of Wyoming on Thursday morning, with wind closures in effect on stretches of Interstate 80 and various highways in the state, according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

I-80 is closed to light, high-profile traffic from Laramie to Exit 235 near Elk Mountain. The Elk Mountain area is seeing wind gusts in excess of 65 mph, according to WYDOT sensor data recorded shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday.

Even stronger winds are occurring near South Pass, where WYDOT sensor data reported gusts of 79 mph as of 10:05 a.m. Thursday. Wyoming Highway 28 near South Pass is one of the various highways in the state seeing wind closures to light, high-profile traffic.

While other traffic is allowed, wind closures prohibit light, high-profile traffic, and WYDOT has issued “extreme blowover risk” advisories warning all drivers of the conditions.

Wind closures are in effect on the following highways:

  • WYO 28 from Farson to the U.S. 287 / WYO 789 intersection
  • U.S. 30 and U.S. 287 from Laramie to I-80, Walcott Junction

In western Wyoming, Chain Law – Level 1 is in effect on WYO 22 over Teton Pass.

“Extreme blow over risk” and “black ice” advisories are in effect on a range of other highways.

Real-time road condition information is available from WYDOT.