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Sunny, windy conditions in store for Cheyenne in coming days

Elk Mountain 7/3/21 (WYDOT)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — While Cheyenne residents will be able to enjoy clear skies and moderate temperatures this weekend, they’ll also have to contend with some fairly strong winds.

Today, temperatures will climb to a high of 39 degrees during the afternoon, the National Weather Service in Cheyenne reports. However, winds at upwards of 20 mph moving in from the northwest are expected to make things feel colder than they actually are.

During the night, temperatures will drop to a low of 14 degrees, with the windspeed also dropping off and falling to roughly 15 mph.

Sunday will again be sunny, and temperatures will climb to nearly 50 degrees, with the NWS in Cheyenne forecast calling for a high of 49 degrees. Winds will be stronger, though, and the area is expected to see gusts of 30 mph.

Temperatures will fall to as low as 24 degrees after sunset on Sunday night, and the winds are expected to stay steady with their daytime speeds.