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Sunny skies ahead for Cheyenne in coming weekend

Downtown Cheyenne Splash Pad (Photo by Stephanie Lam / Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Cheyenne residents will be able to take advantage of some picture-perfect weather this weekend, as the National Weather Service in Cheyenne is calling for clear skies and comfortable temperatures in the coming days.

Today will see sunny, clear skies with temperatures reaching a high of roughly 74 degrees during the afternoon. Light winds will move in from the west at roughly 5 mph throughout the day.

At night, the NWS in Cheyenne predicts temperatures to drop to a low of 44, with skies remaining clear.


Sunday will be a bit warmer, as the NWS in Cheyenne’s forecast sees temperatures climbing up to around 80 degrees. Otherwise, though, Cheyenne-area residents can expect very similar weather throughout the day and into the night.