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Winter weather advisory issued for Cheyenne area


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — With harsh weather and deteriorating road conditions in the forecast for the capital city, the National Weather Service in Cheyenne has placed the region under a winter weather advisory, tentatively scheduled to stay in effect until 11 p.m. Saturday.

Today, Cheyenne will see a 60% likelihood of snow, mainly before 10 a.m., the NWS in Cheyenne reports. Temperatures are likely to max out at a high of around 30 degrees. Meanwhile, light to moderate winds of 5–10 mph will move in from the north and northeast. Skies can be expected to remain cloudy throughout the day.

At night, the NWS in Cheyenne forecasts a 40% chance of snow before 11 p.m. Temperatures will fall to a low of around 11 degrees after sundown.

Sunday should be more comfortable, with a high of 36 and sunny, clear skies in the forecast. Moderate winds are unlikely to grow stronger than 15 mph.

On Sunday night, the NWS in Cheyenne predicts that the area will experience a low of around 18 degrees.