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Calm, warm weather greets Cheyenne for Fourth of July

(Photo by Stephanie Lam / Cap City News)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Cheyenne residents can expect sunny skies and modestly warm temperatures throughout the Fourth of July holiday. Moderate temperatures and quiet winds will continue through the night and weekend. 

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne reports that Thursday’s high will be 73 degrees, and the low will dip to 48. At night, skies will transition to partly cloudy. Thunderstorms have a slight chance of manifesting later at night, but overall, southeast Wyoming is expected to see calm weather conditions through the holiday.

Friday will see more of the same with sunshine persisting through the day. The high will be around 76 degrees and the low will reach 47.

Temperatures will rise slightly Saturday to a high of 82 degrees and low of 48 under sunny skies. A chance of thunderstorms appears in southeast Wyoming’s forecast after noon. Storms and a chance of precipitation will roll over into Sunday, when the high will be 73 degrees.