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PHOTOS: Dozens of ducks found illegally wasted in Utah in two recent cases

Waterfowl found dumped in south Salt Lake City. (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) have reported two cases of waterfowl being illegally left to waste during November.

The first case was initially reported on Nov. 19 and involved 59 ducks and one Western grebe found left to waste in a dumpster in south Salt Lake City. Utah DWR officers “discovered that no attempt had been made to salvage any meat from the birds.”

“During their investigation, officers were able to determine the ducks and the grebe were harvested in Idaho and then transported to Utah, where they were disposed of,” Utah DWR said. “Utah DWR conservation officers are currently working with the Idaho Fish and Game to conduct an investigation into the incident. Suspects have been identified in connection with the case.”

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Utah DWR then reported another case in which they were seeking information after three garbage bags filled with dead waterfowl were found on the north side of Herriman Highway.

“The bags contained 12 ducks and one Canada goose and were discovered approximately a half mile from the mouth of Butterfield Canyon,” Utah DWR said on Nov. 24. “DWR officers believe the garbage bags of dead birds were dumped along the roadside during the past week. Even if wildlife is harvested legally, allowing it to waste without attempting to harvest any meat is illegal (a class B misdemeanor.)”

Waterfowl found dumped north of Herriman Highway (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

Utah DWR is asking that anyone with information on the case or other wildlife-related crimes contact the UTiP Hotline at 800-662-3337.

“You can also report any illegal wildlife activity on the DWR website,” Utah DWR said. “If you have information about this specific case, you can also contact DWR Officer Jason Anderson at 801-822-1248. Rewards are available, and requests for confidentiality are respected.”

Utah DWR said that conservation officers confirmed that over 1,000 animals were illegally killed in the state in 2019 “with a total value of over $408,000.”

This article originally appeared on Oil City News. Used with permission.