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Public asked to beware of potential pharmacy scam


The Rock Springs Police Department is asking people to be vigilant after reports of a scam relating to pharmacies and prescription drugs have been made in the United States.

RSPD reported the scam as well as posted a link to the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, based in Bedford, Virgina; which detailed the scam that Bedford Law Enforcement is being reported in their area.

“Citizens are receiving phone calls from Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy saying that you have a prescription ready at a pharmacy that is not normally your regular pharmacy,” the Bedford Sheriff’s Office says.

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The caller allegedly pretends to be an employee of Walgreens or CVS and says they are attempting to verify information for a pending prescription.

“If the potential victim continues the call, they will ask for driver’s license information, social security, insurance information, and other personal identifying information,” the statement said.

Rock Springs PD and Bedford, Virginia Sheriff’s officials described the scam as a “phishing” scam whose goal is to obtain personal information for identity theft or fraud purposes.

Persons receiving a call of this nature are urged not give out any information. Hang up and call your local pharmacy and ask them about any potential prescriptions.