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Two juveniles cited with vandalism of parking facility

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — On May 16, Cheyenne police officers were dispatched to the Jack R. Spiker Parking Facility on 307 W. 17th St. for a report of vandalism.

Officers said they saw a 14-year-old male on the top floor of the garage painting profane characters on the wall. He fled on his bicycle when officers arrived, but crashed and was detained. He had a can of spray paint and paint on his hands.

He was issued a citation for acting in a violent or tumultuous manner toward another’s property.

There was another 14-year-old male who was detained after a pursuit to the west of the garage. He was found to have vandalized the location as well and was issued a citation for the same offense.


In a press release on the incident, the Cheyenne Police Department stated its commitment to working to prevent vandalism in the city. It is providing education about property crime and what penalties may come from this activity.

There have been 262 security checks, 100 field interviews, and four traffic stops within the Jack R. Spiker Parking Facility so far this year.

“The problem is, being there at the right time is like finding a needle in a haystack. That is why security camera systems and the watchful eyes of community members are so important,” Chief Mark Francisco said in the release. “Some of the best vandalism cases we have solved are a direct result of community engagement and camera footage. The fantastic thing about this town is that if we can get a picture of someone and put it on social media, it barely hits the internet and someone is letting us know who it is.”