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Weekly Arrest Report (6/3/22–6/10/22)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Here are the week’s compiled recent arrest logs for law enforcement agencies in Laramie County.

The logs represents law enforcement contact with suspects who were arrested and the recommended charges against them. 

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Laramie County District Attorney’s Office. Information is provided by the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office.



  • Ruben M. Abeyta – DUI: .08%: Measured within Two Hours: Adult with Child Passenger: Second in Ten Years.
  • Branden L. Ash – Failure to ID Self;, Shoplifting Under $100
  • Noah Riley Brunner – Public Intoxication
  • Mackenzie Carrier – DUI: Combination of Controlled Substance and Alcohol: Incapable of Safely Driving: First in 10 Years, Possession Marijuana: Under 1/4 Ounce, Fail to Maintain Lane/Unsafe Lane Change
  • Devin Kelly Charles -Possession: Methamphetamine-Type Drug: Felony
  • Bridget Ann Copley – Failure to Appear
  • Bridget Ann Copley – Failure to Appear
  • Nicholas Jakeem Davidson – DUI: Alcohol: Incapable of Safely Driving: First in 10 Years, Interfering/Obstructing, Resisting Arrest, Resisting Arrest, Speed Limit: 20 mph Over
  • Jose Alberto Duran – Domestic Assault
  • Jaidyn Marcus Evans – DUI: Combination of Controlled Substance and Alcohol: Incapable of Safely Driving: First in 10 Years, Possession: Marijuana: Under 1/4 Ounce
  • Shawn Gray Finch – DUI: Alcohol, Possession of Schedule I (Felony), Flashing Red
  • Kristopher Lee Garlick – WY Warrant
  • Jeffery Lee Grandpre – Failure to Appear, Failure to Appear, Failure to Pay, Failure to Pay
  • Jeffery Lee Grandpre – Failure to Appear
  • Bradley A. Lieurance – Failure to Comply
  • Kelly Lynn Maestas – Possession of Methamphetamine-Type Drug, Possession of Open Container, Turn Signal Required, Failure to Comply
  • Santana Gage Mendoza – DUI: .08% or Greater as Measured within Two Hours of Stop, Fleeing/Eluding, Driver’s License
  • Stephanie Millsap – Domestic Battery
  • Benzavious Myrshawn Moore – Failure to Appear
  • Steven Paul Munoz – Unlawful Entry into House
  • Trinity Zayne Paintin – Domestic Battery
  • Kenneth Ray Potter Sr. – Unlawful Entry onto Property
  • Maria Pacheco Rodriguez – Battery: Touching in Rude Manner
  • Gilbert Geraldo Rosa – Assault: Battery
  • Hassan Ahmad Said – District Court Warrant: FTA (Felony), Theft: Deprive under $1000, Fleeing/Eluding, Reckless Driving, Unlawful Entry into Occupied Structure, Possession: Methamphetamine-Type Drug (Felony), Driver’s License
  • Melinda Kay Sandoval – Theft, Deprive over $1000 or Firearms/Livestock (Felony)
  • Robert Lee Snow – Domestic Battery, Possession: Methamphetamine-Type Drug
  • Stephanie Ann Stratton – Failure to Appear
  • Michael E Trujillo II – Failure to Appear
  • Richard Lee Wilcox – Failure to Pay
  • Hunter Eben Wood – Failure to Pay
  • Robert Allen Yetsick II – P/P Violator Arrest without Warrant
  • Dino Benjamin Ray Zumbo – Suspended Driver’s License, Yield to Emergency Vehicle


  • Diego Lorenzo Abad – District Court Warrant: Probation Violation (Felony)
  • Mahjabeen Abbas – DUI: BAC of .08% or Greater: First in 10 Years
  • Jaccob E. Bunning – Theft (Felony), Interference with a Peace Officer, Urban District Speed Zone: 6 or More over, Possession of a Controlled Substance: Pill: 3 Grams or Less, Operating Motor Vehicle with No Driver’s License, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police Officers
  • Aeolian Floyd Curtis – Failure to Comply, NCIC Hit Person (Felony)
  • Jane Doe – Unlawful Entry onto Property, Public Intoxication, Giving False Identity
  • Lance Lee Gibson – Court Order (Felony)
  • Norman Greasewood – Public Intoxication
  • Ashley Nicole Gutierrez – Violator Arrest without Warrant
  • Jamar Lee Jackson – Theft Over $1000 Motor Vehicle Parts (Felony), Destruction Property Over $1000 (Felony)
  • Lisa Lynn Rench – District Court Warrant: Probation Violation (Felony)


  • Laura Jean Barber – District Court Warrant: Failure to Appear
  • Jaccob Eugene Bunning – Failure to Comply
  • Cordell Dion Fernandez – Failure to Appear: Failure to Comply
  • Gabriel Edward Hernandez – Domestic Battery, Interference with a Police Officer: No Injury
  • Seth Michael Hook – District Warrant: Probation Violation x2
  • Susan Renee Hubbard – Public Intoxication
  • Chase Alan Lemons – Shoplifting: Under $100, Public Intoxication, Loitering
  • Wilkie I McCoy Jr – Assault on Jail Officer: Propelling Dangerous Substance
  • Kenneth Ray Potter Sr. – Fail to Appear
  • Rodney Dean Reed – Failure to Appear, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
  • Jayme Rae Russell – Failure to Appear
  • Eric Mitchell Sidwell – Failure to Appear x2, Failure to Comply, Giving False Identity, Possession/Use of a Controlled Substance
  • Dominic Frederic Stalkup – Failure to Pay
  • Jason Brent Stricker – Failure to Appear, Failure to Comply
  • Bryan Joseph Vanduine – Failure to Comply


  • Shane Eddie Anderson – Failure to Appear Warrant, Failure to Comply
  • Andrew Adam Apodaca – Possession/Use of Drugs: Amphetamine-Type
  • Tyler James Davis – Theft, Use or Dispose > $1K or Firearm/Livestock (Felony), Suspended Driver’s License
  • Morghana Gloucenstoff – Unlawful Entry onto Property
  • Byron Gerae Mahone – Domestic Battery, Destruction of Property < $1000
  • Sebastian Michael Moore – Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest, Refusing to Obey, Fighting/Riotous Conduct
  • Jenny Lynn Parsons – DUI: .08% or Greater as Measured within Two Hours of Stop
  • Austin Allen Sanders – District Court Warrant: Civil Violation
  • Stephen Auvice Sanders – Strangulation of a Household Member: Minor Injury (Felony), Domestic Battery: Two Counts
  • Kacey J Strobel – Violent or Tumultuous Acts


  • Ashley Kaye Aragon – Public Intoxication
  • Michael Eugene English – District Court Warrant: Civil Violation
  • Micheal Loyd Foster – Failure to Pay
  • Richard Anthony Gonzales – False Report of Emergency
  • Alexis Mary Larue – DUI: BAC of .08% or Greater: First in 10 Years, Possession of Marijuana: Under 1/4 oz.
  • Chase Alan Lemons – Motor Vehicle Theft Over $1000 (Felony), Possession: Marijuana-Type
  • Terry Lee Lustgraaf – DUI: Four or More in 10 Years (Felony), Suspended Driver’s License, Duty to Stop PD, Duty to Stop PD, Driving without Interlock Device
  • Nottia Lyon – Domestic Battery
  • Colby Isaac Northrop – Public Intoxication
  • Jimmy Scott Smith – Parole Violation
  • Brandon Dean Starkey – Failure to Appear
  • Cassandra James Wiseman – Child Neglect: Adequate Care, DUI: With Child Passenger